230 MM, 2,400 WATT, ME BATER

230 mm. Elektroguri i parë me bateri me disk 230 mm  - me thellësi prerje deri në 77 mm.

2,400 Watt. Po aq i fuqishem  sa nje elektrogur me korent 2,400 Watt.

me bateri. Liri maksimale falë teknologjisë revolucionare të baterisë LiHD.

Speciale dhe Oferta 01.2018

Festoni me ne 20 Vjetorin e Metabos ne Shqiperi dhe Perfitoni Ofertat Me te Mira te Vitit!

50 dyqane eksluzive Metabo qe ofrojne prej 20 vitesh standartet me te larta europiane te sherbimit dhe cilesise se produkteve. Rrjeti me i madh i dyqaneve profesionale te veglave te punes ne Shqiperi. Shperndarje ne kohe reale ne cdo skaj te Shqiperise.

Perzjerese Kolli

Per perzjerje te renda ose te mbushura lehte -  ne kater versione per aplikime te ndryshme.


Zgjedhja e duhur e perzjerëses së kollit mund t'ju kursejë kohë gjatë përzjerjes. Perzjerëset tona të kollit dhe pedalet levizëse mund të kryejnë lehtësisht çdo kërkesë tuajën për të perzjerë.

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Metabo - always close by.

With 1,800 employees, 25 subsidiary sales companies and 100 importers on all continents, we have a global presence on site - and always there whenever and wherever you need us.

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Metabo offers you innovative machines and accessories for all standard applications,

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Catalogues / Brochures
Catalogues / Brochures

Here you can find an overview about the actual Metabo catalogues and brochures.

PICK+MIX Configurator
PICK+MIX Configurator

Your individual freedom.

The Metabo PICK and MIX configurator has been designed to offer you absolute freedom to choose the machines and transportation system that best suits your individual needs.

XXL warranty - The Metabo 3-year warranty
XXL warranty - The Metabo 3-year warranty

Our power tools have a particularly long service life. As they rarely require repairs, Metabo has developed an additional warranty for you - the XXL warranty. If you register, the normal warranty is extended to 3 years.


Restoration, renovation and modernization are essential construction tasks in the 21st century. Therefore more and more complete professional solutions are required to meet these growing demands. We have been on location and listened closely to professionals all over Europe for this very reason, and now we are better informed about what you need: reliable solutions in numerous work areas, all from one competent partner.

We call this systematic construction & restoration, i.e. with perfectly coordinated consumables and system accessories. The best thing about our range is that there is a cordless version of almost every machine - the future belongs to the battery pack, and we resolutely follow the vision of a cordless construction site. With its experience in battery packs and the battery pack innovations, Metabo is a safe decision for the future.

Moreover, we attach particular importance to highest user protection - with focus on a dust-free workplace. Convince yourself and test our extensive range for systematic construction and renovation. We look forward to receiving your feedback.


We at Metabo know that machines reach their limits every day. Therefore we have developed our products for hard industrial use: high productivity, extreme robustness & reliable safety make our machines reliable partners.

Whatever you need to do, you will always receive a strong system solution: powerful tools, precisely matched accessories and service customised to your requirements. Its our job to make your job easier, so trust in Metabo!

Metabo - Professional power tool solutions

Metabo offers sustainable system solutions from tools and accessories to service, delivering value today and for the future. We offer an extensive range for professional users focused on the competence areas of metal industry and metal trades, construction trades and renovation.