Cordless System
Our vision of a cable-free construction site.

M+ System
Optimised power - with the right system- and consumable accessories

Advancement through innovation: the Metabo Ultra-M technology

Made in Nürtingen
Since 1924 we have been developing innovative ideas in our Nürtingen plant.


Maximum safety

Safety in the workplace is one of the most dominant topics in industrial environments. Our machines basically fulfil the highest requirements in terms of health and safety and thus ensure, amongst other considerations, longer run times and less work related illness.


The harder the job, the more important it is to protect Metabo users to the highest degree possible. Our products for industrial use fulfill even the strictest safety standards and vibration limits (HAV). Innovative, partially patented safety systems protect against accidents, keep employees away from dangerous symptoms of fatigue or illness, and thus reduce the downtime risk.


Metabowerke GmbH
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Download Industry

Here you can download the Metabo Industry brochure (6 MB).