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Brand Metabo

Where professionals give their best, they have to be able to rely 100% on a partner, even more: They have to trust that partner.

Business fields

We offer professionals all over the world a wide range of powerful tools for use in the harshest conditions.

Metabo - Made in Nürtingen

In every Metabo tool there is traditional Swabian engineering ingenuity. Since 1924 we have been developing innovative ideas in our Nürtingen plant and have been implementing them directly on site.

Innovative strength and engineering ingenuity

The milestones in Metabo's history show our origins and our commitment to engineering ingenuity "Made in Germany".

Professional dialogue

We want to know exactly what professionals need - and what they still might need to work safely and without stress.

Battery pack technology

Being a leader in battery pack technology, we continually follow our vision of a cordless construction site in order to provide our users with even more independence.

Portrait and history

In 1923, Albrecht Schnizler constructed the first hand-held drill. The name Metabo is derived from this metal drill.

Metabo worldwide

Get an overview about all Metabo subsidiaries and importers.

M+ System

For maximum productivity and optimum working results. As a system provider we enhance the efficiency  of our tools by providing perfectly matched system accessories and consumables.