Our guidelines


The guidelines of our corporate culture reflect our values.

They form the basis for our work together and our understanding of leadership within the company - as well as for our relationships with our customers.



Our behavior is characterized by respect, transparency and appreciation

"We strive for an atmosphere characterised by transparency, respect and openness [...] Every employee at Metabo can rely on the constant support of their colleagues both in and outside their teams. We listen to and respect each other, we encourage each other to accept others‘ opinions and we are open-minded discussion partners. [...] We follow our ethical standards and express our diversity."


"We are well aware that our products play a decisive role in our customers‘ livelihood, [...] And we are well aware of the ever-changing challenges our customers are faced with, [...]. It is our job to know these challenges in detail and to fully understand them in order to design products and systems that are truly helpful."


"We at Metabo strongly believe that listening is a way of expressing mutual respect. Listening is the foundation for open and trustworthy collaboration and respectful handling of our customers‘ needs. It is a fundamental part of our culture, promotes proactive behaviour and creates the basis for the company‘s continuous and sustainable success."



Our corporate values


is perhaps the most important value at Metabo. One indication of this: of all the values, it appears most frequently in our 'Guiding Principles'.

Especially in the chapter on customer relations and where it is formulated at the end.

"Our customers trust Metabo. They know why."



For us, making courageous decisions means: clearly adopting an attitude - as a Metabo person and with Metabo products.



Working passionately on something means really enjoying doing it and doing it with full commitment. With a kind of contagious enthusiasm. Many of our colleagues even say of themselves 'I have green blood' - a phrase that echoes a key phrase from our mission statement:

"There's a heart beating in every Metabo!"



is not an objective in itself, but is necessary because the world around us simply changes so fast. We want to remain flexible, be able to change where it makes sense and be consistent where it is possible. Everything has to be constantly put into question. Some of us say,

"We were agile before it was cool".