Your specialist for cordless working: Metabo LiHD Partner.

With Metabo you decide for a machine that innovatively unites highest quality and reliable performance. We attach great value to the best possible service before and after the purchase so you can enjoy your tool for a long time.

Highly qualified specialist dealers

At our LiHD partners you select from an extensive cordless product range and are provided with advice by highly qualified professionals.

36 months Full Service for all cordless products

Receive 36 months of free warranty and wear and tear repairs on the entire cordless system.

Exclusive promotional products

Profit from exclusive promotional offers of our LiHD Partners.

Buy from the expert

Our LiHD Partners are specialist dealers who can offer you exclusive benefits as well as the best advice all around the LiHD battery pack technology perfected by Metabo.

Select from a number of Metabo machines and accessories such as battery packs and chargers for your power tools and receive non-binding, individual and competent advice.

36 months no repair costs for cordless products

If you purchase your Metabo cordless machines, battery packs and chargers from one of our selected LiHD partners, you profit from our Full Service free of charge:


  • Warranty and wear repairs
  • NEW: Theft insurance*

* The previous All-in Service is replaced by the free Full Service.

Exclusive offers

Discover new products and special promotions all around the cordless high-performance tools from Metabo.

Profit from the special product offers and combinations that are only available from LiHD Partners.


36 months no repair costs for cordless products

The 36-month Full Service offers you complete cost transparency for your registered Metabo cordless products (including battery pack and charger). This means, all repairs, no matter if due to wear and tear or due to a product defect, are covered free of charge within the scope of the Full Service period.

The free Full Service applies only for Metabo cordless products that were purchased from a participating LiHD partner and that were registered within 4 weeks after date of purchase via the Metabo App or at


The previous All-in service is replaced by the free Full Service and additionally complemented by the theft insurance.


The Full Service must not be confused with our XXL warranty. The XXL warranty extends the standard warranty to 3 years, whilst the Full Service also includes all repairs due to wear and tear.

This is how it works:

Register the machine online at for the Full Service.

Have the registered machine collected from a parcel service if repairs are needed.

The machine is repaired and serviced in the Metabo service centre.

The parcel service returns the completely serviced machine to you.

Metabo Black Edition presents itself in powerful black: Combine machines, battery pack basic sets and storage systems just as you want it. Our new 18 volt product series is a real eye catcher when working, in price and with the free Full Service offer.

See for yourself and have a closer look at your participating LiHD partner.

When it really counts: Full Service included.

Full insurance without extra costs. When purchasing a cordless tool of the Metabo Black Edition you will receive a full insurance cover for 36 months worth up to 99 euros free of charge.