Cordless systems


Being a leader in battery pack technology, we continually follow our vision of a cordless construction site in order to provide our users with even more independence. Therefore in most cases you will also find a cordless solution for your needs in the Metabo range, fulfilling highest expectations in terms of performance, quality and reliability for all relevant applications. If you decide on our Ultra-M technology and thus our battery pack interface, you can face the challenges of the future with ease.

LiHD – a completely new dimension in technology:
The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely newly developed components in the pack ensure that maximum power remains available for an extremely long time: Metabo has perfected this revolutionary battery pack technology to its pinnacle.

100% compatibility with all Metabo cordless machines yesterday, today and in the future.

3 years warranty on battery packs
This unique Ultra-M technology permits us to grant you a 3-year warranty on all Li-Ion and LiHD battery packs.

Systems with a future: The extensive 18 V battery pack range from Metabo.

The future belongs to the 18 Volt interface, permitting high output and an enormous bandwidth of solutions. 
100% compatible, naturally.

Systems with a future: The 10.8 V battery pack family from Metabo

100% compatible, naturally.